Our Chairman Michael Sheil spoke with Pat Kenny on RTE Radio 1 on Thursday 11 March

March 24th, 2010

The benefits of resolving family law disputes through the non-adversarial collaborative method were set out. Family- focused, child-centred and cost effectiveness ranked among them.

The Irish Times’  Padraig O Morain said ” I think the concept of lawyers providing a non-adversarial service is a good one”. (Irish Times 16 March 2010). It is one of the strengths of the collaborative method. All parties participate fully to achieve a  solution that best suits their family without the threat of going to court.

As Yvonne McEvoy explained in her letter to Padraig O Morain, the collaborative method focuses on “the interests of all parties and in particular any children”. By not going to court, the parties are given the space to focus on those interests and to reach a solution, their solution.

To listen to this interview online please visit http://www.rte.ie/radio1/todaywithpatkenny/2010-03-11.html