Seminar In Collaborative Law Developments 4th February 2011

February 18th, 2011


On Friday the 4th of February 2011 a group of 25 Collaborative Lawyers gathered at the Stillorgan Park Hotel to hear William Hogg and Duane Plant of the Cambridge Law Practice share their valuable experience in Collaborative Law. The trainers opened the day with an overview of what Collaborative Law means and they presented it as part of the overall ADR options available to couples who are separating. They outlined the advantages of the process in dealing with children issues such as access, custody and maintenance without bringing the parties to Court and risking the collateral damage that such an approach can entail. It was remarked that in one sense the public are almost ahead of the lawyers in this regard in that they are approaching us seeking either collaboration or mediation as an alternative to the traditional Courts roles which they see as expensive in terms of money and stress in their lives.

The day was interspersed with nuggets from history which illustrated many of the points being made.

The day was entertaining, instructive and inspiring. We look forward to expanding the community of Collaborative Lawyers and will inform our readers of any future training days. If you are interested in becoming trained in Collaborative Law please do not hesitate to contact us at